How to Turn Off iOS Software Update Notifications Reminders?

how to turn off ios software update notifications reminders 1

Are you bothered by frequent iOS update notifications on your iDevice? If so, now you have a chance to save yourself from that trouble. You can use 3uTools for that. To stop the update notification received on the iDevice, the description file has to be successfully installed on your device. After that, you will no … Read more

How to View the Realtime Log of Your iDevice Using 3uTools?

how to view the realtime log of your idevice using 3utools 2

Realtime Log is the method used to record all the activities and behaviors of Apple iDevices. So, all the activities on your iPhone are recorded in the Realtime Log and you can view them using 3uTools. You can understand how it happens from the following explanation. First, you have the facility to download 3uTools latest … Read more

How to View iPhone’s Realtime Screen Using 3uTools?

how to view iphone's realtime screen using 3utools 2

3uTools has the ability to give you the opportunity to see your iPhone in real time on the computer screen. For this, you can use the “Realtime Screen” option available in the tool. So now let’s see how to view iPhone’s Realtime Screen using 3uTools. First, download the latest 3uTools software from our website. Then … Read more

How to Transfer Data From Old iPhone to a New One Using 3uTools?

how to transfer data from old iphone to a new one using 3utools 2

When we take off the device we are currently using and use a new one, the first thing we do is transfer the important data and files on the device to the new device. If you are an iPhone user, you also need to do this. But unlike other devices, it is not that easy … Read more

How to Compress Photo Using 3uTools?

how to compress photo using 3utools 4

Due to photos taken from your iPhone and photos taken from the internet, the memory space of the device is full very quickly, a problem faced by many iPhone users. This happens because the MB size increases with the increase in the quality of the photos. So, in this section, we are going to explain … Read more