How Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Can Help You Lose Weight

apple watch sleep tracker to lose weight

No matter how busy you are, how much do you care about your health? Do you devote time to activities that are important to your health, such as your diet and exercise? You yourself can’t give a proper answer to these questions. To be honest, something that we really forget nowadays is our health. Especially … Read more

How To Use Apple’s ‘Find My AirPods’ Feature

find my airpods feature

Apple devices are more expensive than other brands. Because of this, many people prefer to use Apple iPhone and iPad to increase their status. However, if there is any damage to these devices, it will cost a lot to repair them. And what if you accidentally lose this device? Or if someone steals? It won’t … Read more

Apple Maps Tips And Tricks: 14 Useful Things To Get The Most Out Of The Maps

apple maps tips and tricks

Apple’s unique features and designs are admired by everyone around the world, but there are a few features and applications that are overlooked or outright ignored. Apple Map is one such app that even Apple users ignore. With the popularity and recognition received by navigation and GPS apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and their … Read more