3uTools v3.06 Free Download | Latest Version (186MB)

3uTools is an efficient iOS Device Data Management Program for PC and Laptops.

The two main OS types of smartphones are Android and Apple ios. Among these, it is easy to deal with Android smartphones, but not so with Apple ios. If you want to work on Apple iOS, you often have to get apps and services developed by Apple. But there are third-party services and tools designed to work with Apple iOS. 3uTools is one of those tools.

3uTools has made it easier for many apple ios users to manage their smartphone activities through the computer. This 3uTools allows you to go beyond the default mode of Apple iOS and customize it according to your needs. This tool is from the developers of Shenzhen Waip IT company and now various versions are available with many updates and new features.

You can easily download 3uTools software from our website.


3uTools Download for Windows

3uTools v3.06 Download [186MB]

Now you can download this 3uTools software as a .exe file through our website. For that follow the steps below.

  1. So to begin, click the 3uTools download button on this web page and access the download page.
  2. Then the tool will download to your computer.
  3. After the download is complete, access the download folder in your web browser.
  4. Then you can see the downloaded 3uTools software file.

Now, you should properly install it on your Windows computer. You can install this on your computer as normal software. So for that, follow the procedure below.

  1. Double-click the downloaded .exe file and open it. Allow the application to install.
  2. Wait until the installation is complete.
  3. After the installation, you can open the 3uTools using its shortcut on the desktop.
  4. Or you can open it from the part Start > All Programs > 3uTools.

Once opened, you can access the main page of 3uTools. It has a graphical user interface with clear icons and includes the toolbox and settings section containing all the tools.

What is 3uTools?

Through the software called 3uTools developed by 3u.com, you can use any type of system to work on any apple ios device. This is why users call it an all-in-one tool. This is a free tool that allows you to manage files on your Apple iOS device through the computer.

3uTools is very popular as a freeware app used to manage files on Apple iOS devices. It is also used as a jailbreaking tool for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. Jailbreaking is the removal of restrictions in the system firmware of Apple ios devices. Apple sends this system firmware in such a way that the users cant upgrade or change it. But through this 3uTools, if you want, you can remove the restrictions on your apple device.

There are many tasks you can do through the computer using these 3uTools. These include managing apps on your device, and managing multimedia files such as photos, ringtones, music, and videos. Also, if you want, you can change the ringing tone of your ios device through the computer, change the wallpaper, remove the cache files of the device, make a backup, and if you want, you have the ability to prevent the ios device from updating.

3utools download

3uTools Features

Ability to easily move files

You can connect your ios device to the computer through this 3uTools software and move the files there to the computer. You can move files one by one as well as full back up the ios device if necessary. If you want, you can also install a previously backup stored in the computer again to the ios device.

Being able to use your favorite music ringtone

Connect the ios device to the computer and through this 3uTools you can easily select the desired music file and set it as the ringtone.

Ability to delete unnecessary files

Unnecessary files in the device, which is the main reason for Apple iPhones and iPads being slow. You can easily connect and clean them through computers.

Easily customize your iOS device

3uTools can change the ringtone of your device, update the wallpaper and rearrange the icons on the home screen.

Ability to get items, not in the App Store

Using 3uTools, you can download apps and services from other service providers that are not in the Apple App Store and install them on your iOS device.

Delete the Invalid Icons feature

When you unsuccessfully download an app or game through the Apple app store, it remains on the device as an invalid app. 3uTools can be used to remove such apps and their icons.

Compress Photos with 3uTools

Since the camera quality of iOS devices is high, the quality of the photos taken from them is also high. 3uTools can compress such high-quality photos to reduce their size.

Ability to modify audio files

3uTools V2.13 has added a new function to the Toolbox to modify audios. You can change the title, artist, album, and genre of your music audio files through Audio Tags Editor.

Jailbreaking facility by 3uTools

Since the system firmware of the ios devices manufactured by Apple is locked, it is not possible to change or upgrade it. But you can jailbreak your ios device using 3utools. With that feature, you can correctly identify the ios version and recover or upgrade with one single click.

Being able to easily view the details of the Ios device

Many details such as activation status, jailbreak details, battery health, and iCloud lock statuses, as well as detailed Apple iDevice information, can be obtained through these 3uTools.

Ability to auto-match with the iOS device firmware

It supports the three modes of iOS flash which are DFU mode, normal mode, and recovery mode.

3uTools Download for Mac

You can download and install these 3uTools on Windows computers as well as on your Apple macOS computers. Use the following steps for that.

  1. Click the download button on this web page directly from your web browser and download the file for your Apple macOS.
  2. Wait until the download is complete.
  3. After the download is complete, access the downloads folder on your Mac computer.
  4. So now you have the opportunity to install the 3uTools software.

You can install the .exe file of the successfully downloaded software by following the steps below.

  1. Click the file and open it.
  2. Install through the Installation Wizard.
  3. Wait until the installation is complete.
  4. Now you can click and open the installed 3uTools app from the toolbar.

When you open the software, you can see its home page first. There you can see the toolbox with all the tools you need and other settings.

How to Use?

Now do the following steps to get you working with 3uTools.

  1. After successfully installing the software on your computer, open it.
  2. Then connect your iOS device to the computer through the USB cable.
  3. Then your device will be automatically detected by 3uTools.

When you open 3uTools, there are many services you can get from it. You can see many tools like Backup / Restore, Transfer Data, Make Ringtone, Convert Audio, Convert Video, Compress Photos, Reboot iDevice, etc here.

How to Backup and Restore with 3utools?

To back up all the data and files on your iOS device, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the iOS device to the computer and click Back up/Restore on the main page.backup and restore
  2. Click on back up iDevice.backup and restore on 3utools 2
  3. Give the path and location where the backup should be.backup and restore on 3utools 3
  4. Wait until the backup is complete.

Through restoring you can get back all data and settings previously backed up to the ios device. When backing up the data, the backup data size should not exceed the storage of the iDevice. Also, a backup of an iDevice with a higher iOS version cannot be backed up to an iDevice with a lower iOS version.

  1. After connecting the ios device to the computer, visit the home page of 3uTools.backup and restore on 3utools 4
  2. Now click Restore.backup and restore on 3utools 5
  3. Wait until all files are restored.
  4. The time taken may vary depending on the size of the files.
  5. After all the data and files are successfully restored, do not unplug the device at once and wait until it reboots.

How to Convert Videos with 3uTools?

Sometimes the videos you download from the internet to your ios device cannot be played due to the format. Then the related videos can be converted to match the file format of the video player in ios. Follow the below steps for that.

  1. Connect the iOS device to the computer and open 3uTools.
  2. Click Toolbox and then click the Video Converter tool.convert videos
  3. Click Add Videosconvert videos 2
  4. Select the video to be converted and click Convert at the bottom right.
  5. Now the relevant video will be automatically converted and you will be able to watch it from the output location.convert videos using 3utools 3

In this way, you can perform many tasks like Convert Audio, Modify Audio, Compress Photo, etc. in a few simple steps using 3uTools.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to get because it is a free tool.
  • The ability to manage any type of file on the ios device.
  • Being able to easily customize the ios device from the computer.
  • Through this 3uTools, items that are not available in the Apple App Store can be obtained online.
  • Ease of data backup with 3uTools.
  • Ability to jailbreak ios device with 3uTools if required.
  • Facility to clean unnecessary files.
  • Ability to compress videos and photos to save space.
  • You can easily convert Videos and music files to other required formats.
  • Being able to record all operations and behaviors of the ios device through Realtime Log.
  • Having the convenience of deleting the invalid icon of apps that fail when downloading through the App Store or iTunes Store.
  • 3uTools has the ability to prevent ios devices from an auto-update if needed.
  • The ability to easily search and download the apps and games you want.
  • Having a clear and simple graphical user interface that is easy to use.
  • No other special hardware or software requirements are required on the computer to install or use these 3uTools.


  • There is a risk of computer viruses entering the ios device without your knowledge through connecting to the computer.
  • When getting this kind of software over the internet, viruses and other malware can enter your computer and other devices through them, so always try to get such third-party software only from safe websites like our website.
  • Can damage your ios device if not use this 3uTools software with the correct knowledge.
  • Stopping auto-update may prevent your device from receiving essential updates.

Safety and Legality

This 3uTools software is one of the most popular software available for Apple iOS devices. Therefore, there is no possibility of damaging your computer or Apple ios device. Also, your personal data and files will not be obtained through this, so there will be no problems while using 3uTools. Also, free software allows you to use it without any limitations.

But since you can download 3uTools from various websites, the .exe files you get can also contain malware, etc. which can damage your devices. So always be careful to use only safe websites like our website to download software and games.


Is 3uTools free software?

Yes. You can download and install this 3uTools software for free.

Can I use 3uTools software to do file management on any apple device?

Yes. Any Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad device can work with this tool.

What kind of files can be managed with this tool?

You can manage any file format like apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos, pdf, word, etc through this 3uTools.

Is it possible to change the wallpaper of the iPhone using 3uTools?

Yes. If you want, you can upload wallpaper on your computer and set it up.

Which Windows operating systems does 3uTools work with?

This works for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11 operating systems 64bit.


3uTools is a free file manager software that allows users of Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices to manage data and files using their Windows or Apple macOS computers. You can do the necessary tasks by installing this on your computer and connecting the relevant ios device via USB. This 3uTools app includes many tools which are valuable to do many tasks such as Data Backup, Restore, Transfer Data, Make Ringtone, Convert Audio, Convert Video, Compress photos, Realtime Screen, Reboot iDevice, etc.